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Mile High Health Guru L.L.C.

Health and Epigenetic Coaching

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 -Peak Performance, Increase health and wellness, Weight control, Dietary


-Nutrition Coaching;

   -Diet coaching, weight loss/gain

-Health Coaching;

   -Manage chronic medical conditions, smoking cessation


Mile High Health Guru L.L.C. provides individualized Health and Epigenetic Coaching services to maximize your potential. RN and MSN Chris Hendricks brings 25 years of critical care experience as a paramedic, Certified Emergency Nurse, Certified Health Coach, Certified Nutrition Coach, professional Nurse Educator, and Certified AF Flight Nurse to his understanding of disease, nutrition, health, and coaching.

We accept HSA (Health Saving Account) funds.



DNA reports

-Panel 1: Nutrition, Supplementation, Sleep

-Panel 2: Environmental Detox, Athletic Performance, Hormones

-Neurotransmitter panel

-Endocannibinoid panel

-Ayurveda panel